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Are you a business owner or marketing manager that needs to improve the quality of your video marketing content?  Perhaps you have a great production team but need guidance with your video marketing strategy?  Read on to learn how you can get that help.​

"Rowing harder doesn't help if

the boat is headed in the wrong direction"


FREE Discovery Session

You know that you need some help but not sure what you need or where to start.  Let's have a 'discovery' chat to get to know one another better and propose a plan of action.


Popular Services

'Pick our brain' access

Have questions?  Want a fast response on a topic without wading through tonnes of poor advice from 'experts' online?  This service will put you into our private communication channel where your questions will be answered without delay.  If the question is about video production or marketing then we'll be delighted to assist.

Monthly Coaching Call

If you're serious about taking your video production and marketing to the next level then we want to help you achieve that goal.  On a monthly coaching call we'll review your action from the last month and setup goals for the next 30 days.  We can discuss any relevant topics that you need advice or help with.

4 P's of Story Workshop

If you want to deliver truly engaging video content then you need to be a story teller.  You need to tell remarkable stories that connect your audience and prospective customers to your message.  This workshop will deliver the fundamental knowledge behind the 'Muse Process': People, Purpose, Place and Plot.  As keen practitioners of the 'Muse Process', we'll show you how to be an effective story teller and begin driving real results with your videos.

Video Strategy Session

A one-off session either in person or delivered via video conferencing platform.  This is perfect for marketers and businesses who need a push in the right direction when it comes to creating an effective video production and marketing strategy.  We'll brainstorm ideas, discuss options and recommend suitable action steps for you to implement.  This is ideal for an upcoming campaign, launch or event.

Depiqd has for a long time been my go-to for all things video and audio production. They have a wealth of knowledge, backed up with amazing work.

Ross Dean, Photographer

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